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Charleville Castle - The People's Castle

21 Jun 2023

From Shakefest 2023

The most spectacular highlight of Shakefest2023 was ‘The People’s Castle’ - an animated projection shows by talented artist Caroline Conway, a renowned artist from Birr, Co. Offaly.

She has created an illuminated animation projection show on the front of Charleville Castle as a magnificent visual crescendo to Shakefest's evening performances. The animated stories focused on the history, community, and ethos of Charleville Castle Heritage Trust. The show featured Charleville Castle, built from 1801-1814 - its life, times, and journey from the past to the present and its community aspirations for the future and was attended by Offaly History Director Charlie Finlay, Member Kathleen Finlay and President Helen Bracken as well as Charleville Castle Heritage Trust Managing Trustee Dudley Stewart and Trustee Bridget Vance.

The outdoor castle illumination show began at 10:30pm just as the last ray of sun fell, and volunteers, crew, and attendants alike all danced away in front of the illuminated castle as the show played on.

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