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Our Team.

We at Charleville Castle Heritage Trust consider ourselves incredibly fortunate to have a hardworking group of volunteers who support us in a variety of ways.


Our volunteers play a crucial role in everything we do, helping with everything from event planning to maintenance to showing guests around the castle.


We wouldn't be able to keep Charleville Castle open to the public if it weren't for them.

Would You Like to Join Our Team?


We'd love to hear from you if you have a strong interest in Irish culture and want to get involved with Charleville Castle Heritage Trust. We're constantly looking for volunteers who can assist us in a range of capacities, such as:


  • Showing guests, the castle and grounds

  • Helping with the organization and planning of events

  • Researching the heritage and history of the castle

  • Assisting with projects for upkeep and restoration

Regardless of your qualifications or experience, we are confident that we can find a way for you to contribute in a meaningful way to our team.


Please complete the form below to request more information about volunteering with Charleville Castle Heritage Trust.

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