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From Charleville Castle's Construction, until now...

Charleville Castle is one of the most finest gothic-style castle in Ireland, built by the Earl of Charleville, Charles William Bury (1764 -1835) under the inspiration of his artistic partner, Lady Catherine Marie Charleville in 1798.

It was designed by Sir Francis Johnston, one of Ireland’s leading architects, who also built the General Post Office and the Chapel Royal (Dublin).

The distinctive feature of the castle is the architecture, especially the spectacular ceilings. The most impressive one (dining room) was designed by William Morris in the 1890's, a well known stencil artist of this time.

The Castle remained uninhabited from 1912, during the difficult years of the Independence War and the long years of economic severity which followed. By 1968 the roof had been removed.

It had become a part of "Vanishing Ireland" until finally work on its restoration was commenced by Michael McMullen in 1971 and later by Constance Heavy-Seaquist and Bridget Vance.

Nowadays the castle is run by the Charleville Castle Heritage Trust, which was created in 1994. The Charleville Castle Heritage Trust is a voluntary non-for-profit organisation (a company limited by guarantee registered in Ireland) managed by Dudley Stewart with a team of core volunteers.

The day-to-day running is handled by volunteers, who come from all across Ireland and the globe. The aims are the restoration and the sustainable conservation of the building.

The castle is the direct outcome of grand and magnanimous ideas following the brutal suppression of a terrible and bloody insurrection which engulfed Ireland in 1798 and almost caused the collapse of the British Monarchical System.

It was built around the concepts of hope, belief in the future and humanity - on the frontiers of civilisation. This is its heritage - these are the values which are preserved within this great edifice. These are the ideals under which the ethos of volunteerism have been developed, and are sustained, in modern times - Global sustainability, Peace and Betterment of life on Earth - a vision deep into the far off future.

If you would like to become a supporting member or volunteer, please contact us from our front page or click this link

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