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Road to Restoration: Charleville Castle Avenue ⚒️

Step Right Up, Castle Enthusiasts and Wanderers,

Calling all those who've felt the jolt of a mischievous pothole while strolling the beloved avenue to Charleville Castle! It's time to rally together for the Great Pothole Patch-up Extravaganza!

Come, lend your support to this noble cause. Whether you're a lover of the castle's history, a devoted walker amidst its beauty, or a passionate advocate for the preservation of our heritage – your presence and contribution matter.

We've already taken the first steps, thanks to the power of one. Now, it's your turn to join the movement and help us restore the pathway that connects us all. As we fill each pothole, we're not just fixing the surface; we're nurturing the very essence of Charleville Castle's enchantment.

The funds raised from this campaign will be dedicated to purchasing materials and the lend of a road roller!

So, gather your spirit, your gloves, and your goodwill. Let's show these potholes what a community of castle lovers can achieve when we come together.


Thank you all! We reached our initial target very quickly and for that once more, thank you. You have all shown us how much love and support there is for this avenue, this forest and this castle.

After some strong counsel, we have decided to increase the fund from 700 to 1000. This should allow us purchase of a longer lasting solution.

Step in time with the Charleville Castle Heritage Trust,

With unity,

Michael Vance


A rare sighting of a Pot-hole Goblin has been documented.


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