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Chapel Protective Roof Project Head Quarters

The Chapel Protection Roof Project HQ was built for the ability to manage and assemble a safe plan to restore the chapel roof. This area allows volunteers to continue work in a comfortable environment during harsh winter conditions. The ability to work through the winter will allow for more stability and quicker completion of all the restoration projects. The materials that will be used on the chapel roof have been recovered from the Limerick tunnel project. These materials which are all recycled will be disassembled and transformed into an elegant new chapel roof.

The amount of commitment and hard work that has been put into the Head Quarters has been incredible from all the volunteers involved. Since Castlepallooza 2011, this area has gone through a large renovation. Which include:

- Uplift/restore the floor

  • Install a subfloor

  • New support beams and ceiling

  • Fiberglass insulation in floor and ceiling

  • Hang and design doors

  • Wall building

  • Painting/sealing

These jobs have been completed by just a hand full of volunteers, there are still many jobs that need assistance with this project.

- Hang plaster board on walls and ceiling

  • Design and install bathroom

  • Install wood heaters/ventilation

  • Upgrade floor surface

The Castle needs as many hands as possible; these types of jobs might not be as much fun as the event volunteering; but to make the events fun and safe we would greatly appreciate your help!!


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